About St. Martin's

This book is available for purchase in the Bookstore & Gift Shoppe ($60.00), plus $10.00 for shipping & handling (if mailed). The book also is sold at Tanglewood Pharmacy (5750 Woodway).

Pictured above is a photograph from the back cover of the dust jacket.

Reaching Up to God is an inspirational book on the creation of The Church, from conception to construction to completion.

The vivid window photography is of extraordinary quality and reveals details of the artistry not discernable from the nave of The Church. All of the 36 stained glass windows are pictured, along with over 100 Bible stories they depict.

There are details about the inspiration for the exterior and interior designs of The Church, as well as the use of modern architectural, engineering and construction techniques, without which our Gothic-style Church would have required 50 years or more to construct, if at all.

The Gloria Dei organ information allows all who enjoy music, particularly serious artists, to understand this world-class instrument's role in helping St. Martin's ministry of "Reaching Up to God in Christ and Out to Others."

The baptismal font, altar, choir screen, organ case and needlepoint are pictured along with rich descriptions of their creation. The book includes a history of
St. Martin's, the Anglican Communion, and the Episcopal Church. This lovely book will make a fabulous gift for any opportunity.
It will become a family keepsake for years to come.

Lee Adcock Hunnell, Author
Gary J. Zvonkovic, Photographer