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Stewardship is a visible "thank you" to God for all He has done for us ...



Prayerfully consider what God is doing in your life. Prayerfully consider your personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Prayerfully consider what St. Martin?s means to you and your family, and what St. Martin's can mean in the Houston community. Prayerfully consider what God has done in providing for your "goods and kindred," and what you will return to Him. St. Martin's does not presume that if you have given in the past your prior pledge will continue to carry over. We need your completed, written pledge to ensure not only the continuation of our many ministries, but to enhance your personal Christian growth.

If you would like to discuss your stewardship, please call the Rev. Tom Hotchkiss at 713/985-3832. To learn more about the 2013 effort, please click here.

Ways to Give to St. Martin's Episcopal Church

Saint Martin's Endowment
Legacy of Faith
Making a Gift of Appreciated Securities

Saint Martin’s Endowment
Saint Martin's Endowment was incorporated in 1996 as a nonprofit corporation operated for religious, charitable and educational purposes. In 2011, the St. Martin's Foundation was merged with the Endowment. The mission of this corporation is to provide a means by which parishioners may financially support the Church now and in the future to meet needs that cannot be met by the operating budget and to provide additional support to the many outreach projects this Parish undertakes.

A gift to the Saint Martin's Endowment is a special way to remember or honor your loved ones on special occasions or holidays. Giving gifts, in memory of loved ones who have died, persons we wish to honor and for any other reason, is a fine way to ensure that the heritage of St. Martin's and its outreach work will continue. Those honored and the families of those remembered will be notified of your gift.

In order to appear in The Star on a particular special occasion or holiday, please submit your requests about 6-7 weeks in advance. Send your check to
St. Martin's Episcopal Church, 717 Sage Road, Houston, TX 77056 enclosing a note, indicating the names of those being "honored" or "remembered." Please include your name, address, telephone number and information on others to be notified. Should you have further questions, please contact Deb Tisch at 713/985-3817 or

Legacy of Faith
The Book of Common Prayer reminds us that it is our duty as Christians to have a will, to provide for the well-being of our families, our Church and other charitable organizations. Careful estate planning will convey your final wishes for the distribution of your assets. Take the opportunity to plan your legacy. Plan for causes dear to your heart. There are various opportunities to be a Legacy of Faith Partner at St. Martin's Episcopal Church.

Ways to Give:
Bequest in a will
Structure annual gift through trusts and gift annuities
Gift of real estate
Transfer existing IRA and/or life insurance proceeds
Gifts of stocks, bonds and personal property

For more information about the Legacy of Faith Partners, contact the Development Office at 713/985-3817 or email.

Making a Gift of Appreciated Securities

Making a Gift of Appreciated Securities to St. Martin's Episcopal Church is easy. 

Thank you for your gift to St. Martin's


FROM: Mr. & Mrs. John Q. Donor
RE: Gift of Stock
DATE: ________________
Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Donor are transferring ______ shares of ______________________________ stock to St. Martin's Episcopal Church. This gift is in fulfillment/partial fulfillment of my/our pledge to
The St. Martin’s Episcopal Church a) Annual Operating Budget for the year _____ OR
b) Capital Campaign.
Please fax this letter to St. Martin’s Episcopal Church Finance Office at 713/622-5701 before transmittal. This will help us ensure timely disposition of your gift.
Thank you!

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