125 people attended the first service at this house on Post Oak Road, September 7, 1952.

The ground-breaking of the Bagby Parish Hall, which became our new Church home in 1954.

March 29, 1959 - Easter Sunday - our first service in the Church, now named the Old Church.

The History of St. Martin's - 1952 - 2002

September 7, 1952 - St. Martin’s was founded by the Rev. J. Thomas Bagby. One hundred twenty-five people attended the first service at the house on Post Oak Road (pictured at left).

January, 1953 - Accepted as a self-supporting Parish with 263 communicants.

1954 - Four acres of land on Sage Road were purchased and the first Church building was constructed. This building is now Founders’ Hall. The ground-breaking of the first “Bagby Parish Hall,” which became our new Church home in 1954, is pictured at left.

1959 - Large expansion completed with new Chapel, parlor, offices and classrooms. New sanctuary was ready for Easter Sunday services March 29. The sanctuary, now referred to as the "Old Church," is pictured at left.

September 7, 1962 - 10th Anniversary, St. Martin’s had grown to 2,791 baptized members.

September 7, 1977 - 25th Anniversary, dedication of the Wayside Chapel for All People.

1983 - The Rev. Dr. J. Thomas Bagby retired at the age of 72.

August 28, 1983 - The Rev. Claude E. Payne became the second Rector.

In 1984, “The Vision Awaits Its Time” capital campaign was conducted. Major expansion took place, adding our Education Building, Library and Choir Hall.

1986 - St. Martin’s Activity Center was opened.

1993 - The Rev. Claude E. Payne was elected Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas.

1994 - The Rev. Laurence A. Gipson, then Dean of the Cathedral of the Advent in Birmingham, Alabama, became the third Rector.

By the 1990s, St. Martin’s had become one of the largest Episcopal Churches.

1997 - “Building to Bless Forward in Faith” capital campaign for construction of a new Church, Parish Hall, Cloister and playground.

September 8, 2002 - Celebration of St. Martin’s first 50 years. St. Martin’s has over 7,000 members.

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