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Pastoral Care
Each member of the St. Martin's Parish family can receive support, assistance and comfort during life?s joys and sorrows through our caring ministries. Special programs are offered for persons who are dealing with serious health issues, addiction or loss of a loved one. We have an active telephone ministry to "keep in touch" with our parishioners and their families.

Pastoral Care Services
In times of illness and hospitalization, upon the birth of your child or grandchild, to add a name to our Continuing Prayer list, or for any other reason, please call the Pastoral Care office at 713/985-3808.

Prayer Request Line
Our confidential Prayer Request Line can be called at any time, day or night. The Prayer Request Line will be checked on a regular basis.  If you would like to speak to someone personally, you may call Cyndy Ensign at 713/985-3808 during office hours or 713/621-3040 for the "Priest On Call" after hours.  When you leave a message on the Prayer Request Line, please leave your name and a phone number where you can be reached for confirmation and clarification purposes.  Tell us the name of the person for whom you want us to pray.  Do they want to be prayed for by name during our worship services?  Let us know if the person is in a hospital and if he or she is a member.  If they are in the hospital, please leave the name of the hospital, the room number (if possible) and if they would like a visit.  Our prayer list is updated weekly, please let us know if the prayers requested are for longer than a week or two.

Because of the size of St. Martin?s, baptisms are typically held privately or in small groups. Baptisms are held throughout the year, and are preceeded by baptismal instruction for the parents and godparents. If the candidate for baptism is an adult, preparation also is appropriate. Baptism Instruction classes are scheduled throughout the year.
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For more information, or to schedule your baptism, contact Cyndy Ensign at 713/985-3808.

Grief Recovery Classes
Grief Recovery Classes are offered twice a year, over a 6-week period, in the Parlor. The course deals with the emotions and physical sensations we experience in grief, helps us understand how to find a new direction in life, and how God is present in our lives at the time of grief. For more information, contact Cyndy Ensign in Pastoral Care at 713/985-3808.

We are here for you to provide comfort, support and planning in your time of need. When a loved one dies, contact Pastoral Care at 713/985-3808. Our urn gardens, The Garden of the Holy Cross and The Garden of the Holy Cross-Riverway, offer a place for prayer, meditation and quiet beauty.

Prevention & Recovery Council
Referrals and assistance are offered to those in our Parish, and from our community, who are experiencing difficulties for a variety of reasons. We sponsor ?Recovery Sunday? once a year, with guest speakers for both adults and youth. For more information about Recovery and 12-step groups, please click here.

The anticipation of a wedding is such a delightful time. The focus is on the future, a new kind of future for the couple, their families and their extended families. As couples prepare for their wedding, our aim is to help and lend support, encouragement and affirmation during the preparatory period and at the time of the marriage. For more information, click here.