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The anticipation of a wedding is such a delightful time. The focus is on the future, a new kind of future for the couple, their families and their extended families. As couples prepare for their wedding, our aim is to help and lend support, encouragement and affirmation during the preparatory period and at the time of the marriage.

St. Martin’s believes that our first duty, concerning weddings, is to our members and their children. For this reason, the bride or groom, or a parent of the bride or groom, must be an active member in good standing, which means baptized, confirmed in the Episcopal Church, participates in stewardship by maintaining a pledge, and attends Church services at St. Martin’s on a regular basis. The wedding fee schedule for each of the venues is as follows:

The Church - $1500
Chapel - $600

Off Campus - $1000

Marriages are not traditionally celebrated in Advent and in Lent because these are penitential seasons during which times festal liturgies, such as weddings, are not appropriate. Diocesan policy is that weddings during Advent or Lent should only happen in the case of serious, pressing, compelling pastoral need.

For more information regarding weddings in the Episcopal Church, please visit the wedding page on the Diocesan website.

For more information regarding weddings at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, please download the St. Martin’s wedding guidelines manual.

If you are interested in getting married at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, please contact Allie Hippard at 713/985-3830.

Marriage Preparation Classes

Marriage Preparation classes are held throughout the year. This is a requirement for all engaged couples. To obtain the schedule of upcoming classes, please enter the words Marriage Preparation in the Keyword Search box (above the photo of the bride on this page). If you would like to attend, please contact Allie Hippard at 713/985-3830.

The Marriage Preparation class is tailored to those who have never been married. If you have previously been married, for special counseling requirements, please contact Allie Hippard at 713/985-3830. If you have been married previously twice, extensive counseling is required.