Stewardship 2023

Everything we do at St. Martin’s is made possible by your support. Your generosity safeguards St. Martin’s today and for generations to come.

All-In Campaign

In honor of St. Martin's 70th Anniversary, our Stewardship campaign slogan this year is "All In." We want to capture the impact of St. Martin's on its church family, celebrate our 70-year history and inspire all Parishioners to commit to stewardship as "One Church … All In."

Prayerfully consider what St. Martin’s means to you and your family and make an annual commitment in the form of an annual pledge.

Pledging or giving back to St. Martin’s allows us to further God’s work and meet opportunities for worship, discipleship, fellowship, ministry, mission and outreach.

Invite God into your heart – so that giving becomes as natural as breathing, for in giving back to him, to his work, – you are doing one of the most godly things you can do. –Luke 6:38

We are grateful for your stewardship pledges. Your generosity makes everything possible.

To discuss stewardship at St. Martin’s, please contact Ashley Pratka, Director of Development.

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More information:
Ashley Pratka
Director of Development
[email protected]
2023 Stewardship Brochure

Annual Pledge

We hope you will consider making a pledge or donation to St. Martin’s in 2023.

View a special video celebrating St. Martin’s Episcopal Church’s 70th anniversary

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A Message from the Rector

Are you All In for Stewardship?

When you hear the words, “All In,” what comes to mind? Maybe you think of a time when you were on a sports team and the coach invited every member of the team to circle up, put their hands in the middle and chant “All In!” Maybe it was a project, and your boss wanted all the key players to back it — to be “All In!”