Gardens & Fountains

St. Martin’s campus is filled with serene gardens and fountains offering many locations to explore your spiritual side.
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Serenity Garden

Escape to this serene setting for prayer and reflection where the soul-soothing sound of the water flows from the fountain, inscribed with the Serenity Prayer.

The garden, dedicated in 2012, features Texas native grasses and plants that provide year-round color.


Christus Garden and Fountain

Next to the Student Life Building, the Christus Garden and Fountain features the inspirational Christus statue, an eight-foot sculpture of a Christ figure with no arms or legs, symbolizing that we are all the arms and legs of Christ. This was St. Martin's first garden statue and originally it was placed near the Rector's Office before the 2017 expansion of the campus.

The late Charles T. Williams of Fort Worth designed the statue after receiving a formal commissioning in 1960.


Crosswalk Garden

Located in front of the Parish Life Center, the hillocks of the Crosswalk Garden create an ideal playground for families with children. Fittingly, the Crosswalk Garden displays Rosalind Cook’s monumental bronze sculpture of Jesus with small children titled, “Come Unto Me.”

It was dedicated in August 2018 during St. Martin's Homecoming Weekend.


Peace Garden

Positioned between the Parish Life Center and Bagby Parish Hall. The Peace Garden features a small walkway and is often the location of exhibits. Small tables and chairs are often placed here, providing  a place for prayer, study and reflection.


Founders’ Fountain

Located behind the Student Life Center, Founders’ Fountain features a copper spire, which was removed from Founders’ Hall, when The Church was built in 2012. Founder's Hall was part of the original church building at 717 Sage.


Cloister Garden

Welcome to our Cloister Garden, inspired by the cathedral grounds of the Middle Ages. St. Martin’s Cloister Garden is adjacent to The Church and Bagby Parish Hall and is a frequent gathering place for prayer and fellowship.

Designed in the form of a cross, it is reminiscent of medieval gardens in European monasteries.


Pastoral Garden

A tranquil cloister-style garden situated between The Church, the Pastoral Care Center and The Music Center. Three fountains fill the space and plantings include olive trees similar to those found in the Holy Land.


Chapel Reception Garden

This new addition to St. Martin's green spaces provides a large, lush lawn for receptions and activities. Those driving down Sage Road after dusk will see strings of lights that cross the lawn, lending an elegant touch for evening events. Benches and a variety of trees provide a tranquil place for reading and reflection. Christ Chapel borders the north edge of the garden and the Chapel Reception Hall lines its eastern edge.


Nativity Garden

Relax in this inspirational setting located at the west entry to Christ Chapel

The garden is named after the nativity displayed in the tympanum above the doors of Christ Chapel. Four fountains, benches and a vine-covered pergola make this a perfect place for prayer and family photos.