Saint Martin’s Endowment


Saint Martin’s Endowment

Saint Martin’s Endowment was incorporated in 1996 as a nonprofit corporation operated for religious, charitable and educational purposes. The mission of this corporation is to provide a means by which parishioners may financially support the Church now and in the future to meet needs that cannot be met by the operating budget and to provide additional support to the many outreach projects this Parish undertakes. Saint Martin’s Endowment is a Type 1 supporting organization within Section 509 (a)(3) of the IRS Code.

Saint Martin’s Endowment offers designated and perpetual giving opportunities to benefit campus ministries and programs that further the mission of the Church.

Endowed naming opportunities for maintenance and support are available for gifts of $100,000 or more within a variety of areas of the Church. Gifts to the Endowment designated to the Church help to ensure the long term stability of the ever-growing St. Martin’s Parish.

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The Rev. Martin J. Bastian
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Debbie Hutchison
Accounting Supervisor
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Mr. Charles Kraft
President, Saint Martin’s Endowment Board

Saint Martin’s Endowment Board of Trustees 2022

Parochial Trustees

Mr. Charles Kraft, President
Mrs. Genny McIntyre, Vice-President
Mr. John Atwood, Treasurer
Mrs. Lamar Hall, Secretary
Mrs. Maria Boyce
Mr. Hank Hamilton
Mrs. Meredith Huffman
Mrs. Susan Penland
Mr. Mike Phelps
Mrs. Carol Ann Paddock
Mr. Gaines Matthews
Mr. Richard Nelson

Vestry Trustees

Mr. Jim Hibbert, Senior Warden
Mr. Matt Anderson, Vestry Treasurer
Mrs. Anya McInnis, Missions Chair

Clergy Trustee

The Rev. Martin J. Bastian