Pastoral Care Groups

Find support, assistance and comfort during life’s joys and sorrows through our caring ministries. Special programs are offered for persons who are dealing with serious health issues or loss of a loved one.

In times of illness and hospitalization, upon the birth of your child or grandchild, to add a name to our Prayer list, or for any other reason, please call the Pastoral Care office at 713-985-3808.

Pastoral Care Services

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Blanket Ladies

10:00 am
 - 11:30 am
Activity Center, Family Room

Make blessed blankets to bring relief for those who need comfort.

Come join this ministry. No sewing experience is needed and there are opportunities for everyone. The group makes approximately 4,000 flannel receiving blankets annually for infants in local hospitals.

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Prayer Shawl Ministry

9:00 am
 - 11:30 am
Activity Center, Family Room

Knit for love, hope and healing.

Participants in this caring ministry knit and crochet God’s love, care and warmth into shawls that are blessed before they are donated to those in need.

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The Shepherd’s Guild

This ministry complements the work of the Clergy by visiting Parishioners who are homebound, or residing in retirement and assisted living facilities. Trained lay volunteers are equipped to offer support, prayer and Holy Communion to such Parishioners, reminding them that Jesus loves them and that they are loved by their Church family.