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In this ministry, the role is to assist the priest in charge of the worship service and enhance the service to the glory of God. Duties include lighting and extinguishing altar candles, presenting the crucifer, flags, banners and other elements of the service.


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Docent Guild

Volunteer trained docents share knowledge and love of The Church.

The Docent Guild members serve as tour hosts and provide information about The Church’s Gothic architecture, stained-glass windows, details and symbolism throughout the worship spaces. Tours are given to Parish members (groups and individuals), schools and local community organizations. The Docents also lead tours in Christ Chapel and the Campus gardens.

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Lydia’s Guild

Volunteers Needed to Straighten the Pews!

Volunteers are needed to help straighten and organize the pew racks in The Church and Christ Chapel.

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St. Clare’s Needlepoint Guild

Transform your expression of God’s love, one stitch at a time.

St. Clare’s Needlepoint Guild creates beautiful needlepoint items to sell and raise funds for outreach and Church projects. The Guild welcomes stitchers of any skill level and teaches needlepoint.

Wednesdays · Noon-3 p.m.
Fourth Sunday of the month · 1-4 p.m.
Activity Center, Upper Hall East

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Saintly Stitchers Needlepoint Group

10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Activity Center, Upper Hall East

Bringing Saintly devotion through the love of needlecraft.

The men and women of Saintly Stitchers fill St. Martin’s with beautiful needlepoint pew kneelers, the prie-dieu cushion for the Patron’s Chapel and acolyte pew kneelers.

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Altar Guild

Devotion, Peace and Loyalty: Three words that describe this faithful guild. The Altar Guild is selected by special invitation of the Rector and assists the Clergy in the care and preparation of the altar. Members must earnestly dedicate themselves to their work by placing love for Christ above all personal feelings and by working together with the Clergy and fellow members in peace, devotion and loyalty. The external manifestation of this spirit is the cleanliness, punctuality, care and reverence with which members carry out the duties that support worship in God’s house.

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Greeters Guild

Welcome Parishioners and visitors on Sundays.

This friendly group of Parishioners greet worshipers before and after the 9 and 11:15 a.m. worship services. Stationed in the narthex, greeters welcome everyone and offer information about St. Martin’s.

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Serving as an usher is a wonderful way to get acquainted with The Church and your fellow Parishioners. Assist on a rotating basis at a time convenient for you. This service is open to all St. Martin’s men including older teens and young adults.

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Funeral Ushers

Funeral Ushers consists of a group of men who are ushers for funerals and memorial services at St. Martin’s. There are three teams of Ushers who serve for one month in each quarter of the year. Their duties include escorting family members to their seats in The Church, assisting those who need help opening the doors and entering The Church, serving as ushers, helping with any other assigned duties, and straightening the pew racks at the conclusion of the service.