St. Martin's Episcopal Church

Sponberg Lecture Series

with Tom Holland, English writer and Historian
Thursday, March 21, 2024
7 p.m. · Parish Life Center
$20 for adults; $10 for students
Registration is required.
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Tom Holland, author and historian, will speak about his book, “Dominion: Making of the Western Mind.” The book looks at how Christ’s teachings liberated the Western mind. Holland’s book has been described as the most important theological writing of the last 50 years. It compares the state of the world before Jesus’ birth with what the Western world became once it absorbed His teachings. Having brought history to life through numerous books and media appearances, Holland is the United Kingdom’s best known historian.

Ron Sponberg was a loyal member of the Church and the Men of St. Martin’s. His life was dedicated to God, his family and his country. Before his death, Ron and his family endowed a lecture series whose aim is to re-educate us about our core principles and teach us about their genesis. American democracy, as it should, has always allowed for a healthy debate about the direction of the country. When its core principles are at risk of being eliminated, whether by those at the right or left of the political spectrum, they need to be defended. This series will try to remind us of what they are, and from where they came. The point of this series is not to paint the United States as a Christian nation. To pave a sure path to the future, however, Americans need to remain firmly rooted in principles that have served so well for nearly 250 years. Without that understanding, who we are as a nation is at risk of unraveling. The next lecture, to be scheduled in 2025, will explore the influence of Jesus’ teachings on the European philosophers who inspired the American Revolution. The guest speaker has not yet been determined. In 2026, the Sponberg lecture will feature Clark Durant, a Renaissance thinker and dedicated educator, who will speak on the influence of Jesus onour Founding Fathers.