The Rev. Martin J. Bastian

The Rev. Martin J. Bastian serves as the Vice-Rector at St. Martin’s. In this role, he supports the Rector and oversees running day-to-day operations of the Parish while managing Clergy and providing oversight for a variety of areas including music ministries, audiovisual services, and communications.

He helped guide the Parish Building Committee as St. Martin’s developed and completed its Building for the Ages campaign in 2021, a $67 million capital campaign that added 64,554 square feet of new space to the Church, paving the way for expanded and new ministries. It was the largest building campaign in the Episcopal Church’s history. He also serves as the Clergy Trustee for the Saint Martin’s Endowment and plays a pivotal role in planning St. Martin’s stewardship efforts. From 2008 to 2014, he headed pastoral care at St. Martin’s.

He holds an undergraduate degree in liberal arts from the University of Kansas. Following graduation, he moved to Washington, D.C. where he enjoyed a career in publishing and served as a lay leader in youth ministry. He earned his master’s of divinity degree from Virginia Theological Seminary in 1996 and began his ordained ministry at St. Martin’s following ordination to the deaconate in the Diocese of Virginia.

He served as Senior Chaplain for Episcopal High School in Houston from 1998 to 2008, and as the head of the school’s religion pillar, that combined with pillars in academics, arts and athletics to provide a well-rounded high school experience. He served as educator, administrator and spiritual leader there while assisting the head of school in the day-to-day operations. As Senior Chaplain, he established the National Parenting Network, a nonprofit national organization that assists parents in the understanding and rearing of their teenage children. He has spoken across the country in churches and schools encouraging, enlightening and empowering parents. He is passionate about education, has a broad world view, and is committed to promoting the exercise and discipline of reason. Father Bastian approaches his work with a solid biblical starting point coupled with a realistic and raw view of his own humanity and the humanity of others.