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St. Martin's Episcopal Church

Baptism Instruction Class

In addition to membership at St. Martin’s, parents and godparents are required to take the Baptism Instruction Class. When parents request to have their child baptized, they are committing to raise their child in the Christian faith. This is a serious responsibility that continues long after the baptism ceremony. At St. Martin’s, we want to equip parents and godparents with resources on how to do this well. The aim of the class is “to instruct parents and Godparents in the meaning of Baptism, and in their duties to help the new Christians grow in the knowledge and love of God, and in their responsibilities as members of His Church.” (The Book of Common Prayer) Child care may be reserved for the class for infants through pre-K.

Note: School-aged children will be required to meet for individual instruction with the Rev. Alex Graham.

Baptism Instruction Class Dates
Please note that the Baptism Instruction Class must be completed prior to the ceremony date. The Baptism Instruction Class is held at St. Martin’s 9–11:30 a.m. on the following days:

  • Saturday, July 23
  • Saturday, Sept. 17